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EMDM Academy

Experimental Music and Digital Media Outreaches

Our mission is to provide effective and enriching curriculum for primary and secondary education students that fosters innovative collaboration between
Science, Technology, Math, Engineering, and Sonic Art.

St.Luke's Episcopal Junior High

Kicking off the mobile music outreach, EMDM Academy ran two workshops at
St.Luke's Episcopal Junior High, in Baton Rouge, LA, during the spring and fall semesters of 2013.
Many of the students had never had any other musical experience,
and our objective was to introduce and motivate musical exploration using technology.

We brought several mobile instruments made individually by us or collaboratively through the LSU Mobile App|Art|Action Group. The students took some time to learn how to play the instruments, and then we worked with small groups of them to compose and perform new music.

We focused on musicianship and musicality, including
composing and performing with repetitions and variations, form, phrase, and texture.

Sound Engineering and Electronic Composition Workshop 2013 and 2014

with the LSU Performing Arts Academy and
LSU Center for Computation and Technology

EMDM Academy, with the LSU Performing Arts Academy and LSU Center for Computation and Technology, offered a week long day camp teaching Presonus’ Studio One 2 DAW. Thanks to generous sponsorship from Presonus, each student was given a complimentary copy of Studio One Artist Edition.

Subjects we covered during the week included digital audio effects, recording, composition, film scoring, and video game sound effects. Students’ ages ranged from 10 to adulthood, and most had never done any digital audio work before attending the camp. Some of their work can be seen at the following links:
Film Re-Dubs
We plan to expand our offerings next summer.

- "This was one of the best camps that my son has participated in! He loved everything about the camp. He was exposed to music technology that suited his interests and creativity. The instructors were awesome. It was so wonderful that the students could work on a project to showcase at the end of the week. This was especially wonderful for the parents. Thanks so much!"

Girls Rock! Summer Camp 2014

with the LSU Performing Arts Academy and
LSU Center for Computation and Technology

EMDM Academy's first "Girls Rock!" Summer Camp was targeted towards middle school girls. It was similar to our other summer camps, but girls only!

Subjects we covered during the week included digital audio effects, recording, mobile-music composition, film scoring, and web-audio.

Digital Media and Web Audio at Lee High

In spring 2014, we began working with two different classes at Lee High School in Baton Rouge. One was a digital media class, where students were introduced to sound engineering and media scoring. Our goal was to ensure the students had quality audio, from both a musical/artistic as well as an engineering standpoint, for their final projects.

The second class was web design, where we introduced web audio through the use of

Gibberish and NexusUI

With those libraries, students learned to incorporate sound interactions in their existing web projects. They also learned to make their own web-based digital musical instruments, such as the two below.


EMDM Academy depends on its instructors to teach music and technology in new and meaningful ways. Our instructors are also responsible for the development of many of the instruments we use.
EMDM Academy was founded by
Dr. Jesse Allison and Danny Holmes.
Dr. Yemin Oh joined us at Lee High.

Jesse Allison

Danny Holmes

Yemin Oh


These are various publicly available resources. Most are free, many were made by us.
These are the tools we use in designing our workshops.

iOS Apps by EMDM Academy

We are working towards making these publicly available!

Pitch Canvas

by Brad Strylowski and Jesse Allison


by Jesse Allison

In Sen

by Danny Holmes


by Danny Holmes


by Danny Holmes

Free Commercial Apps/Software

Studio One 2 Free

for PC/Mac
by Presonus


for Mac
for iOS
by Apple

Open Source Software


by Charlie Roberts

Pure Data

by Miller Puckette


Please feel free to leave us a message. Questions are welcome!

Partners, Affiliates, and Sponsors

Special thanks to Presonus for sponsoring our 2013 summer camp in digital media, and very special thanks to Best Buy. EMDM Academy was awarded a 2013 Best Buy Community Grant, which is currently funding our ability to expand our outreach.

Best Buy Children's Fund
Community Grants

Presonus Music Education

LSU Center for Computation and Technology